Your stories

One of the new features being added to the website is going to be an extra blog tab that is devoted to your stories that you want to be sent in. If Squarespace has the option it will be a blog that you can submit your stories on, with an option for it to remain anonymous if you choose. A lot of people that contact me on Haunted Nova Scotia are worried about the stigma surrounding people believing in spirits.

If Squarespace doesn’t have the option for this, there will be the option for you to send me your stories through the ‘contact us’ tab, and I add the stories as they come in. If someone chooses to remain anonymous I will make sure that their names aren’t added to the submission. However I would love to include the locations on each post, since I tend to collect stories voraciously.

The idea for reader submitted stories is mainly from my love for reading stories on submitted sites like The Shadowlands, as well as a lot of my co-workers having interesting creepy stories of their own from working different job sites. We often work alone, at remote lone worker locations. Sometimes we get posted to places where odd things happen, odd things that everyone who works there start to notice. It’s never really shared in pass on notes, but passed on in conversation between us.

I hope everyone is doing well! We have more investigations and events coming up for you to enjoy!


Haunted Nova Scotia Contests

Our investigation group started when I noticed just how many people were joining our Facebook page Haunted Nova Scotia every day. For the most part the page is also how we attract new investigators and new investigations. it’s a great way to keep in touch with the community and organize events.

November 18-19 is our first contest giveaway, with five members winning a Haunted Nova Scotia article of clothing. We are going to be holding similar contests from here on out, as well as contests for guest spots at our events, and contests for paranormal gear!

As we roll into 2019 and begin filming, I hope to have our online store on this page live as well, and to be selling gear, merch, and smudging supplies.

Make sure you join Haunted Nova Scotia and stay tuned for new contests and events!


What's new?

Hey everyone, I know it's been a little bit since we have updated the site, and I just wanted to fill everyone in on what's been going on with the group! Throughout the winter months we generally don't venture very far from Truro, as the weather can deteriorate and the road conditions can be horrible. I don't like having investigators out on the road in bad weather, so the colder months of the year have always been our down time.

That being said however we have been working our way through some of the residential requests that have come our way lately. In the last month we have investigated a home in North River, another one in downtown Truro, and an apartment in Dartmouth. I will have the evidence from these posted on the website in the next week or two. 

The investigation in North River is one that we will conduct again with more equipment, as the home owners have noticed the activity increasing, and they also enjoy spirituality and paranormal work and want to help out with the investigation. The person living at the Dartmouth location has also informed us that we are welcome to return to investigate again whenever we would like. 

Along with our residential and private investigations I am hoping to host an event at the Truro Museum in April... this is a location that we have investigated and held public events at for over four years, and is always a popular one that guests look forward to. The staff at the museum are always happy to have us in, so it's just a matter of P.I.N.S. finding a common date that works for our  various schedules. 

Drop us a line through the website or our FB group Haunted Nova Scotia if you have any questions!



Interested in joining us?

As my journalism internship comes to a close and I look forward to what the summer is going to bring for the group, I am reminded of how many people have sent us messages over the past year wondering how they can join the group and what is required to join Paranormal Investigations Nova Scotia.

For the most part we are all based in Truro, which is great for when we need to plan meetings, be it large group meetings where a lot of information is passed on, or short meetings between a few people before an investigation. This isn't a requirement, we do have a member in Amherst, a member in Stellarton and a member in Bedford. All of them accepted that they would have to drive a bit further than the other members in some cases.

New members must have a car and a valid drivers license. We carpool to most locations, which means sharing driving responsibilities and vehicles, as well as traveling alone occasionally, especially if you live outside of the 'hub' of the province.

New members must have a reliable source of income. In the past we have charged monthly dues to help offset the cost of insurance and other bills. That has been waived for the time being, however we travel often and occasionally book lodgings when we are doing events such as the events at the fortress of Louisbourg.

Personally I would like to see someone apply who has experience with editing in post phase. This could be someone who has experience with editing audio, video, using Photoshop, the Adobe suite of programs, AVID, Vegas, or other programs. (This is not a requirement, but it would be nice as we are moving into filming our own show.)

One thing that all of us at P.I.N.S. agree on is we are looking for people who are interested in joining a team long term. We don't always get evidence when we investigate, and a lot of people become disenchanted with the hobby and field of study when they realize that it's not always exciting.

Starting next week I will be going through requests to meet for an interview. Send us a message if you're interested and live within 100 kilometers from Truro!


As winter fades and spring looms

This has been a whirlwind of a winter, all of our members have been busy with school, work, and other day to day commitments. We tend to slow down to almost a complete halt each winter, to keep our investigators off of dangerous roads and to also take a deep breath and reflect on the investigations and events that keep us busy the remainder of the year.

We have several different dates that we are debating for our annual weekend at Louisbourg this summer, and we are also booking residential investigations. I have had a lot of questions recently about the cost per house visit. If we are traveling outside of the Truro area, we charge 0.25c per kilometer, for one vehicle only. It's a small cost to cover our fuel when we are on the road.

We are going to be filming all of our investigations for our YouTube channel, especially now that I have more ability to use high end editing programs. Along with the normal video footage that we have shared on here and on Haunted Nova Scotia, GoPro footage as well as drone footagewill be included. I would also really like to get more interviews from home and business owners while we are on site.

We're looking forward to seeing everyone at our events this year, as well as meeting new families during our residential visits. Never hesitate to contact us on here if you have any questions or comments!


A look back at The Great Louisbourg Sleepover

Hey everyone, I know that we have been silent for the last couple of months, and I apologize. All of our events at the fortress of Louisbourg went extremely well this summer. Our first event was an all night ghost hunt at the fortress, which included a period meal and rum tasting as well as camping accommodations for the night. Guests were also allowed to sleep in the buildings on site.

This event began at 5:00 PM, and by 2:00 am most of our guests as well as my team members were bedding down for the night. Darcy, Amanda and myself remained up for the rest of the evening, checking on guests and occasionally taking small groups on private investigations.

Several guests reported seeing Darcy and I walking slowly through the barracks around 2:00 am. One of the guests that mentioned this to us after the weekend was over is now also an investigator in the group. She and her son were positive that they saw us in the building. The odd thing is at the time she saw us walking through the building we were at the far end of the fortress in another building entirely.

During events all of my members wear our event staff shirts, which are a vivid orange color. After we received the first account of seeing what they thought to be Darcy and I in one building, another group came forward to comment that they saw what they thought was Darcy in De Le Plagne house. This house is mainly used for offices, and during events is locked to guests and our team. Nobody was in that building at the time.

The following night we hosted a smaller tour for twenty people that lasted five hours. During this time we were able to show the guests all of the areas that we have recorded evidence, and allow them to use our equipment to investigate the fortress. During both evenings guests and our team recorded evidence that we consider unexplainable or paranormal in nature.

We received glowing praise from all of the guests that attended, and we are most certainly going to be back to host overnight events in 2017. Louisbourg is a very special place, and it is a location that I always feel homesick for. Leaving the fortress and the village is always a bittersweet moment for our team. We are always happy to be on the way home again after busy weekends, but it is also sad to say goodbye to the staff and actors that work at the fortress.

Thank you to all of the guests and staff that made this event such a success. We will be making plans for the next events within a month when we all have our schedules for next summer. Keep an eye on this page as well as Haunted Nova Scotia for event news!



Upcoming investigation - Shadow person

The following story was originally sent to me a few weeks ago, in the middle of the night by a friend that was quite freaked out.

Around 2:00 am this morning I was woken to the sound of my cell phone chiming that I had a FB message. I had a look at the message and it was a friend, asking me if I was in Truro and available to meet her. She was very upset, and it took me a few minutes to wake up and start to piece together what had happened to her. She has always been interested in the paranormal and the spooky side of things, it takes a lot to rattle her.
She was hanging out in a park with a couple of fr...iends, a park that they had been to before several times in the past. On this particular night they had been there for awhile, chatting and enjoying the quiet of the park when they all suddenly felt like something was watching them. She described this feeling as being one of menace and evil, not the normal (but still creepy) feeling they would get if another person was watching them.
They looked in the direction that this feeling was coming from, and saw a shadow person standing there, watching them from the trees. Whatever this was, they knew instantly that it did NOT want them there, that for whatever reason they were encroaching on it. My friend described it as a feeling of being frightened of it, but an even stronger feeling that something bad was going to happen. Although it was definately a shadow person, she noted that she could see the outline of a large hat, the torso appeared cloaked, fading around the lower legs. She could see eyes under the brim of the hat, what she described as cold dead eyes. The friend who messaged me told me that when she was taking all of this in and as they were backing out of the area back to their car, she noticed that her eyes had been streaming tears, which she couldn't explain.
The entire drive home she was freezing and had the heater blasting. She felt like it was following them, which is why she was so upset when she messaged me. By the time she had told me what happened, she was feeling more like she was in her home alone again rather than the sensation that whatever they had seen had followed her. We have been talking most of the day today, and she is feeling drained and in her words 'a mess.' The two friends who were with her felt odd for a few hours and then slowly felt back to normal.
I went out to the park that they had been at today, and finally found the area that they had been sitting and talking. It felt very odd and heavy, but I attribute that to the story she told me. I am planning to investigate this area very shortly with her. She feels like she has seen it before, but she can't remember where, when, or the age she was when she saw it.

For comparision with other Hatman and other shadow figures that have been reported, I asked her if she had time to sketch a rough figure of what she saw. Attached below is the drawing she sent me.

attached photo of what she saw

attached photo of what she saw

Early in July our investigation team as well as the person who had this encounter are going to be investigating the park with all of our equipment. As always, we will post any and all evidence on here as well as our Facebook page Haunted Nova Scotia!



Interview with The Nighttime Podcast

Nova Scotia is a province rich with folklore and known world wide for our gifted storytellers. Because of this we often get a chance to work with other talented groups and individuals. Sometimes they're other paranormal groups, while other times they are journalists, historians, or members of Parks Canada. In the past we have had the good fortune to work with Lynn Curwin from the Truro Daily News, Jackie Torrens who is a maritime documentarian, CTV, Kings College radio, members of Parks Canada, and most recently Jordan Bonaparte who owns and operates a Halifax based podcast by the name of The Night Time Podcast. Heather and I were interviewed over the phone by him recently, and then joined him in his studio to share some of our audio evidence as well as a few clips of our video evidence. is the address for his podcast, and our chat with him is featured on episode 16. We had a blast working with him, and he will be joining us when our team investigates the Halifax Citadel later this month.  We are looking forward to working with him again, and thanks again for having us in to your studio Jordan!


Having us in for an investigation

Having any business or person representing a business can be a stressful experience at the best of times. Members of Paranormal Investigations Nova Scotia do their best to make the experience an enjoyable one. We love meeting new people, and we want our clients to feel comfortable. For the time being our residential investigations are cost free. So what should you expect when you book an investigation with our team?

When we arrive we take time to sit down with you and let you tell us what has been happening in your house. An audio recorder or a video recorder will be used during this part of the investigation so that we will be able to use it as a reference when we are going over our evidence. After we have had a chance to talk with each member of the family we will begin doing what is known as a baseline recording of the house. We record the ambient temperature of each floor of the house, as well as the level of the electromagnetic fields in each room. Old or faulty wiring can cause electricity to leak into the atmosphere, and high levels of this can cause a lot of thesymptoms people experience when they suspect their house is haunted. By having a baseline reading of EMF levels and ambient temperature we will be able to record any sudden variations or changes.

After our baseline readings are recorded we will begin the formal investigation. We set up a variety of camcorders in different rooms of the house, as well as our DVR system if the area is large and requires a lot of coverage. It is at this stage of the investigation that we usually split into smaller groups to cover different areas of the house. Our team relies heavily on the use of digital audio recorders and other audio devices to capture evidence.

When we conclude the investigation we like to sit down with the client to explain everything that we have done, and also give them an estimate on when we will have our data reviewed and ready to present to them. After we have presented our findings, we ask permission to share our findings on our Facebook page Haunted Nova Scotia and this webpage. This decision is completely up to the client and we respect whichever decision they make.

We look forward to meeting you, if you feel like you would like to have us in for an investigation!


Launching our website

After a lot of delays, we are close to finishing our website and launching it to the public. I am hoping to have the blog be a section where all of the members of Paranormal Investigations Nova Scotia can add entries. While we all investigate together, we also have varied interests in metaphysics and spirituality in general so it would be great to have blog entries from all of our members.

If you've been a member of our Facebook page Haunted Nova Scotia for awhile, you will have seen and read the reports that we submit to our clients after every investigation. The Investigations page of this webpage will be centered on all of our evidence that we capture when we are out investigating, as well as the written report. I will also work on having links to our sound files so that everyone can listen to our EVP evidence, and will provide links to our videos. the Merchandise section of the site will be an area where people can purchase our team garments as well as Haunted Nova Scotia garments and smudging materials. The merchandise section might remain empty for the time being until we have stock in. Our merchandise will also be sold at our public events.

The Events section of the site will be a simple calendarof when we are investigating or hosting events, and where these events are going to be held. We do our best to provide as many events as possible for the public to attend, and we already have plans for new locations in 2016 and 2017.

Our contact information is the last section of the site. Along with that information we can always be contacted directly on our Facebook page Haunted Nova Scotia.

Enjoy the site!

Earl - March 6 2016