A look back at The Great Louisbourg Sleepover

Hey everyone, I know that we have been silent for the last couple of months, and I apologize. All of our events at the fortress of Louisbourg went extremely well this summer. Our first event was an all night ghost hunt at the fortress, which included a period meal and rum tasting as well as camping accommodations for the night. Guests were also allowed to sleep in the buildings on site.

This event began at 5:00 PM, and by 2:00 am most of our guests as well as my team members were bedding down for the night. Darcy, Amanda and myself remained up for the rest of the evening, checking on guests and occasionally taking small groups on private investigations.

Several guests reported seeing Darcy and I walking slowly through the barracks around 2:00 am. One of the guests that mentioned this to us after the weekend was over is now also an investigator in the group. She and her son were positive that they saw us in the building. The odd thing is at the time she saw us walking through the building we were at the far end of the fortress in another building entirely.

During events all of my members wear our event staff shirts, which are a vivid orange color. After we received the first account of seeing what they thought to be Darcy and I in one building, another group came forward to comment that they saw what they thought was Darcy in De Le Plagne house. This house is mainly used for offices, and during events is locked to guests and our team. Nobody was in that building at the time.

The following night we hosted a smaller tour for twenty people that lasted five hours. During this time we were able to show the guests all of the areas that we have recorded evidence, and allow them to use our equipment to investigate the fortress. During both evenings guests and our team recorded evidence that we consider unexplainable or paranormal in nature.

We received glowing praise from all of the guests that attended, and we are most certainly going to be back to host overnight events in 2017. Louisbourg is a very special place, and it is a location that I always feel homesick for. Leaving the fortress and the village is always a bittersweet moment for our team. We are always happy to be on the way home again after busy weekends, but it is also sad to say goodbye to the staff and actors that work at the fortress.

Thank you to all of the guests and staff that made this event such a success. We will be making plans for the next events within a month when we all have our schedules for next summer. Keep an eye on this page as well as Haunted Nova Scotia for event news!