Having us in for an investigation

Having any business or person representing a business can be a stressful experience at the best of times. Members of Paranormal Investigations Nova Scotia do their best to make the experience an enjoyable one. We love meeting new people, and we want our clients to feel comfortable. For the time being our residential investigations are cost free. So what should you expect when you book an investigation with our team?

When we arrive we take time to sit down with you and let you tell us what has been happening in your house. An audio recorder or a video recorder will be used during this part of the investigation so that we will be able to use it as a reference when we are going over our evidence. After we have had a chance to talk with each member of the family we will begin doing what is known as a baseline recording of the house. We record the ambient temperature of each floor of the house, as well as the level of the electromagnetic fields in each room. Old or faulty wiring can cause electricity to leak into the atmosphere, and high levels of this can cause a lot of thesymptoms people experience when they suspect their house is haunted. By having a baseline reading of EMF levels and ambient temperature we will be able to record any sudden variations or changes.

After our baseline readings are recorded we will begin the formal investigation. We set up a variety of camcorders in different rooms of the house, as well as our DVR system if the area is large and requires a lot of coverage. It is at this stage of the investigation that we usually split into smaller groups to cover different areas of the house. Our team relies heavily on the use of digital audio recorders and other audio devices to capture evidence.

When we conclude the investigation we like to sit down with the client to explain everything that we have done, and also give them an estimate on when we will have our data reviewed and ready to present to them. After we have presented our findings, we ask permission to share our findings on our Facebook page Haunted Nova Scotia and this webpage. This decision is completely up to the client and we respect whichever decision they make.

We look forward to meeting you, if you feel like you would like to have us in for an investigation!