Interview with The Nighttime Podcast

Nova Scotia is a province rich with folklore and known world wide for our gifted storytellers. Because of this we often get a chance to work with other talented groups and individuals. Sometimes they're other paranormal groups, while other times they are journalists, historians, or members of Parks Canada. In the past we have had the good fortune to work with Lynn Curwin from the Truro Daily News, Jackie Torrens who is a maritime documentarian, CTV, Kings College radio, members of Parks Canada, and most recently Jordan Bonaparte who owns and operates a Halifax based podcast by the name of The Night Time Podcast. Heather and I were interviewed over the phone by him recently, and then joined him in his studio to share some of our audio evidence as well as a few clips of our video evidence. is the address for his podcast, and our chat with him is featured on episode 16. We had a blast working with him, and he will be joining us when our team investigates the Halifax Citadel later this month.  We are looking forward to working with him again, and thanks again for having us in to your studio Jordan!