Launching our website

After a lot of delays, we are close to finishing our website and launching it to the public. I am hoping to have the blog be a section where all of the members of Paranormal Investigations Nova Scotia can add entries. While we all investigate together, we also have varied interests in metaphysics and spirituality in general so it would be great to have blog entries from all of our members.

If you've been a member of our Facebook page Haunted Nova Scotia for awhile, you will have seen and read the reports that we submit to our clients after every investigation. The Investigations page of this webpage will be centered on all of our evidence that we capture when we are out investigating, as well as the written report. I will also work on having links to our sound files so that everyone can listen to our EVP evidence, and will provide links to our videos. the Merchandise section of the site will be an area where people can purchase our team garments as well as Haunted Nova Scotia garments and smudging materials. The merchandise section might remain empty for the time being until we have stock in. Our merchandise will also be sold at our public events.

The Events section of the site will be a simple calendarof when we are investigating or hosting events, and where these events are going to be held. We do our best to provide as many events as possible for the public to attend, and we already have plans for new locations in 2016 and 2017.

Our contact information is the last section of the site. Along with that information we can always be contacted directly on our Facebook page Haunted Nova Scotia.

Enjoy the site!

Earl - March 6 2016