Upcoming investigation - Shadow person

The following story was originally sent to me a few weeks ago, in the middle of the night by a friend that was quite freaked out.

Around 2:00 am this morning I was woken to the sound of my cell phone chiming that I had a FB message. I had a look at the message and it was a friend, asking me if I was in Truro and available to meet her. She was very upset, and it took me a few minutes to wake up and start to piece together what had happened to her. She has always been interested in the paranormal and the spooky side of things, it takes a lot to rattle her.
She was hanging out in a park with a couple of fr...iends, a park that they had been to before several times in the past. On this particular night they had been there for awhile, chatting and enjoying the quiet of the park when they all suddenly felt like something was watching them. She described this feeling as being one of menace and evil, not the normal (but still creepy) feeling they would get if another person was watching them.
They looked in the direction that this feeling was coming from, and saw a shadow person standing there, watching them from the trees. Whatever this was, they knew instantly that it did NOT want them there, that for whatever reason they were encroaching on it. My friend described it as a feeling of being frightened of it, but an even stronger feeling that something bad was going to happen. Although it was definately a shadow person, she noted that she could see the outline of a large hat, the torso appeared cloaked, fading around the lower legs. She could see eyes under the brim of the hat, what she described as cold dead eyes. The friend who messaged me told me that when she was taking all of this in and as they were backing out of the area back to their car, she noticed that her eyes had been streaming tears, which she couldn't explain.
The entire drive home she was freezing and had the heater blasting. She felt like it was following them, which is why she was so upset when she messaged me. By the time she had told me what happened, she was feeling more like she was in her home alone again rather than the sensation that whatever they had seen had followed her. We have been talking most of the day today, and she is feeling drained and in her words 'a mess.' The two friends who were with her felt odd for a few hours and then slowly felt back to normal.
I went out to the park that they had been at today, and finally found the area that they had been sitting and talking. It felt very odd and heavy, but I attribute that to the story she told me. I am planning to investigate this area very shortly with her. She feels like she has seen it before, but she can't remember where, when, or the age she was when she saw it.

For comparision with other Hatman and other shadow figures that have been reported, I asked her if she had time to sketch a rough figure of what she saw. Attached below is the drawing she sent me.

attached photo of what she saw

attached photo of what she saw

Early in July our investigation team as well as the person who had this encounter are going to be investigating the park with all of our equipment. As always, we will post any and all evidence on here as well as our Facebook page Haunted Nova Scotia!