Interested in joining us?

As my journalism internship comes to a close and I look forward to what the summer is going to bring for the group, I am reminded of how many people have sent us messages over the past year wondering how they can join the group and what is required to join Paranormal Investigations Nova Scotia.

For the most part we are all based in Truro, which is great for when we need to plan meetings, be it large group meetings where a lot of information is passed on, or short meetings between a few people before an investigation. This isn't a requirement, we do have a member in Amherst, a member in Stellarton and a member in Bedford. All of them accepted that they would have to drive a bit further than the other members in some cases.

New members must have a car and a valid drivers license. We carpool to most locations, which means sharing driving responsibilities and vehicles, as well as traveling alone occasionally, especially if you live outside of the 'hub' of the province.

New members must have a reliable source of income. In the past we have charged monthly dues to help offset the cost of insurance and other bills. That has been waived for the time being, however we travel often and occasionally book lodgings when we are doing events such as the events at the fortress of Louisbourg.

Personally I would like to see someone apply who has experience with editing in post phase. This could be someone who has experience with editing audio, video, using Photoshop, the Adobe suite of programs, AVID, Vegas, or other programs. (This is not a requirement, but it would be nice as we are moving into filming our own show.)

One thing that all of us at P.I.N.S. agree on is we are looking for people who are interested in joining a team long term. We don't always get evidence when we investigate, and a lot of people become disenchanted with the hobby and field of study when they realize that it's not always exciting.

Starting next week I will be going through requests to meet for an interview. Send us a message if you're interested and live within 100 kilometers from Truro!