Your stories

One of the new features being added to the website is going to be an extra blog tab that is devoted to your stories that you want to be sent in. If Squarespace has the option it will be a blog that you can submit your stories on, with an option for it to remain anonymous if you choose. A lot of people that contact me on Haunted Nova Scotia are worried about the stigma surrounding people believing in spirits.

If Squarespace doesn’t have the option for this, there will be the option for you to send me your stories through the ‘contact us’ tab, and I add the stories as they come in. If someone chooses to remain anonymous I will make sure that their names aren’t added to the submission. However I would love to include the locations on each post, since I tend to collect stories voraciously.

The idea for reader submitted stories is mainly from my love for reading stories on submitted sites like The Shadowlands, as well as a lot of my co-workers having interesting creepy stories of their own from working different job sites. We often work alone, at remote lone worker locations. Sometimes we get posted to places where odd things happen, odd things that everyone who works there start to notice. It’s never really shared in pass on notes, but passed on in conversation between us.

I hope everyone is doing well! We have more investigations and events coming up for you to enjoy!