What's new?

Hey everyone, I know it's been a little bit since we have updated the site, and I just wanted to fill everyone in on what's been going on with the group! Throughout the winter months we generally don't venture very far from Truro, as the weather can deteriorate and the road conditions can be horrible. I don't like having investigators out on the road in bad weather, so the colder months of the year have always been our down time.

That being said however we have been working our way through some of the residential requests that have come our way lately. In the last month we have investigated a home in North River, another one in downtown Truro, and an apartment in Dartmouth. I will have the evidence from these posted on the website in the next week or two. 

The investigation in North River is one that we will conduct again with more equipment, as the home owners have noticed the activity increasing, and they also enjoy spirituality and paranormal work and want to help out with the investigation. The person living at the Dartmouth location has also informed us that we are welcome to return to investigate again whenever we would like. 

Along with our residential and private investigations I am hoping to host an event at the Truro Museum in April... this is a location that we have investigated and held public events at for over four years, and is always a popular one that guests look forward to. The staff at the museum are always happy to have us in, so it's just a matter of P.I.N.S. finding a common date that works for our  various schedules. 

Drop us a line through the website or our FB group Haunted Nova Scotia if you have any questions!