Dayle's Grand Market, Amherst

The evening of March 17 2019 myself, Darcy, Laura, Mary, and Bobbie all traveled to Amherst to investigate Dayle’s Grand Market, a massive and beautiful building that was built in 1906 and has seen thousands of customers and staff members come and go over more than a century of it standing as an Amherst landmark. Originally a family department store, in 1955 it became Margolians, and then Dayle’s market in 2004. A link to the Cumberland News Now article written by Dave Mathieson is linked below. This is the article that attracted attention on our social media page Haunted Nova Scotia. Laura and her mother Mary quickly approached owners and staff at the market, and the staff were very eager to have P.I.N.S in for an investigation. Link:

When we pulled up to the building, we were in awe of how beautiful it is, and it looked like an investigators paradise. Several stories tall, the building itself commands respect from its sheer size as well as architecture. We entered the building and met with the staff members that were on site for the investigation. As we made our introductions I started to get a feeling that someone was watching me, and that feeling was coming from above and behind me. I turned, and was facing a large wooden stair case that split midway up to form two stairways to the next level of the market. There was nobody on the landing or the stairs above me, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that someone was leaning on the railing, watching us unpack. It wasn’t an uneasy feeling, more one that felt like whatever was observing was curious about us. I continued unpacking gear, mentioning to a staff member that the building had a very real energy and atmosphere.

Before we got our tour of the building, I set my dslr on a tripod and hit record. normally when it is in low light like it was I would attach a laser grid as well, but for this clip I decided to leave it as is, as it could also record EVP while we toured the building. In the video below, you can see the camera slowly tilt down. It’s almost as if something was pushing it down so it didn’t record the room. I did several tests when I discovered the cameras new position, and could not explain why it happened… there was more than enough tension on the tripod head to hold the camera upright, and the tripod worked perfectly the rest of the evening. The video of this is below.

After the staff and our team got back to the floor and righted the DLSR camera, we started doing EVP work. For ten minutes we used just a digital recorder, and then switched to an ITC device known as an SB7 spirit box. We use equipment that utilizes different audio techniques so that we can try to cover as many possible methods of recording audio as possible. In the clip below, you will hear Darcy and myself asking questions. Four seconds in, after Darcy asks if the spirits in the building wish to talk to us, we captured a voice saying ‘I don’t.’ At 11 seconds we recorded a voice saying what sounds like ‘are you ready - - - ‘ directly after which a sign that was on a shelf fell, hitting a staff member on the head. We witnessed this first hand and could not recreate the sign falling on its own. The audio of this is below.

We began recording large solid spikes of increased EMF in the building, particularly around where the sign had fallen and where we were still conducting EVP experiments. In the video below, at nine seconds we heard a loud object drop on the floor above us and roll the length of the building. There was nobody on the floor above us. When this noise stopped, Bobbie’s k2 meter was reading very strong EMF readings around us. I walked over to talk to her, and that’s when we heard and recorded a voice that sounded like a deep groan. This is at 36 seconds in, after which we all heard and recorded the sound of footsteps and something being wheeled above us. the video is below.

We continued to the third floor, where we heard the sounds coming from. on our way up to the top floor we placed a REM pod on the steps behind us, a device that can measure EMF as well as changes in temperature. While we didn’t hear any further noise at the time from the attic, staff members and investigators discovered a small baby tram that had been moved, with no explanation on what or who moved it.

As we were leaving the top floor, staff member and owner of the Maritime Mosaic shop noticed that the REM pod was flashing lightly and chiming, as if small amounts of EMF were around it. She began coaxing whatever was around it to try to touch it and make the lights brighter. In the video below you can watch the footage of this. The meter has never sounded or behaved like this before. I checked the battery after this event, and the battery was perfectly fine.

Just before we left for the evening, all of us headed down to the lower level to investigate the basement, an area that has a history for making people feel uneasy when they are down there alone or even with people. there are stories of a hidden tunnel leading out of the building, and that is what we were looking for when we came across a panel that could be moved aside to give access to a crawlspace and duct work. as well as water pipes behind it. As soon as this panel was moved, the meter that Bobbie was holding shot into the red, signalling a very strong EMF field. Both myself and Darcy went back into this crawlspace, and it definitely felt like something didn’t want us there. After we left, the K2 meter started recording normal energy levels in the basement. The video clip of this is below.

One of the coolest things that you can experience when you are taking part in investigations or the events that we hold is to hear or see something with your own senses, and all of us had this happen right before we left for the night. We were standing on the staircase chatting with the staff and owner of the building, when out of nowhere we heard people walking above us again, and things being moved around. It sounded like carts with wooden wheels were being rolled in the attic, as if someone was still getting orders ready to go to the showroom below. For at least five minutes, all eight of us stood there not saying a word, staring at the ceiling above us and listening.

We are returning to Dayle’s later in April to film and investigate again as well as make plans for public events at the market. It was an incredible investigation, and we were happy to meet the staff members and hear all of their stories. There is no doubt in our minds that the Grand Market is haunted!